Transform Your Feet® with Footlogix®

Do you have calluses, cracked heels, rough, scratchy, sandpaper like skin, or discoloured toenails? Footlogix is a Pediceutical® foot care line that offers a full range of products that give dramatic results in as little as 24 hours! Whether you are using our products at home or having a service in a treatment room - Footlogix® has put in years of experience, research and expertise to deliver products that give transformational results!

Our products are different! It’s all about the mousse. Our formulas are light-weight, fast acting and leave no greasy residue like heavy, greasy creams. The mousse penetrates deep into the skin to keep it hydrated. The results –smooth, healthy and well cared for feet. Footlogix® products are safe for all skin types, women, men, and even diabetics.

3 steps to Transform Your Feet®:

  • 1. Choose the Footlogix® mousse formula that best suits your foot condition
  • 2. Shake the can well
  • 3. Apply a walnut size amount to your feet everyday

Our History

Dr. Katharin von Gavel, a fearless innovator and trailblazing entrepreneur, spent over 25 years in the Medi-Spa business, specializing in advanced foot care. While researching what was going on in the health and wellness field, Katharin uncovered what led her to the concept of “transformational” foot care. Science supported what she discovered: Our feet today are suffering from lifestyle changes that simply weren’t an issue 20 years ago. Those cracks in the heels, dry, flaky skin and discolored nails, aren’t a “normal” part of daily living. Feet today are showing the effects of our fast-paced, high stressed, sedentary lifestyle. Katharin’s philosophy – “to increase the awareness and importance of healthy feet by providing solutions for foot conditions.” The solution became Footlogix®. Established in 2007, a line of foot care products dedicated to providing fast and effective relief to repair, rejuvenate and ultimately eliminate a variety of foot-related skin conditions. Footlogix® products are made in the USA and trusted by millions of feet in over 70 countries around the world.

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