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It’s all about the Mousse

Many of our products use a specially formulated mousse that is lightweight, fast acting, and leaves no greasy residue like leave-on creams.

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I've dealt with horrible cracked heels for years and it's been hard finding a product that relieves the problem. My heels feel much smoother. I love this product and will buy it again.

Ted M.

Cracked Heels

This product is nothing short of a miracle. My dry, sensitive skin has never responded so well to a moisturizer. I saw significant change after one application overnight.


Dry Feet (DD Cream)

As an international airline pilot and avid outdoorsman my feet have been punished by too many different types of footwear and climates. Using the Callus Softener with the Foot File once a week and in conjunction with other Footlogix products has given me the relief and foot vitality for my busy lifestyle.



Founder & CEO

Dr. Katharin von Gavel

Our feet today are suffering from lifestyle changes that weren’t an issue 20 years ago. We have the science to fix that, the solution is Footlogix.

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